Nov 03, 2017

Photo Gallery - The Northern Search

Northernsearch 001

In our second year running the Northern Search we decided to take the ride off-road and onto some of Minnesota's famed North Shore fire roads, notorious for the adventure and challenge they present cyclists. Simply put, you're guaranteed to run into unexpected challenges (like floods caused by beaver activity). The terrain coupled with the wind, rain, snow, cold, darkness and big miles was the perfect recipe for a Search Brigade.

Our initial route called for 170 miles in one day, a tall task on those roads this time of year. By sunrise it was apparent the full route wasn't going to be true brigade fashion we got in a little over our heads but we still made the border crossing and completed the big climb back to camp before dark.

Thanks to Zach Dolinaj for planning the route, the hardy riders who joined us, and the Hungry Hippie Hostel & Farm for hosting the event.

Enjoy the photos and email to sign up for next year's event.

Note: The short eared owl pictured was found by Search Brigade rider Derek Van De Velde, delivered to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center, and is being treated for a broken femur.

All photography by Christopher Olaf Berg