Jun 17, 2019

A Word About Stories

When we first got into this business over 8 years ago it was always our original intent to immediately create and foster a positive community and contribute in every way possible. We did the best we could but quickly learned that the amount of energy it took to design, manufacture and sell our gear was totally overwhelming and it was very hard to keep our foot on the community gas pedal as much as we wanted so to speak. But we did our best with what we had, and now we are indeed a part of an incredible community, and we have done a lot with so many inspiring people. We are proud of that and we've found the rewards of making friendships and contributing to people's lives is far greater than just selling clothing alone. So here we are....ready for phase 2 of our community push! We've added a STORIES section to our site and we will feed it as much as we can this year. We plan to write some of the pieces ourselves and tell our story as much as possible, but really we are interested in your story. We are happy that we have grown to the point that we have a voice and can be a platform for others to share their experiences with the world. Our intent is to focus on positive inspiration, people, design, art, community, whatever there is out there as long as it is positive leaning, informative, educational, inspiring, or just simply interesting. We don't really have any other parameters and we will feel it out as we go and try to offer diversity and wide-ranging topics. We hope people will contribute or at least find pleasure in reading our stories. Thanks so much for reading as always and for being a part of our journey. To submit a story or an idea to us for publication, or to recommend someone or something we should look into....please send us an email at: info@searchandstate.com and write "stories" in the subject.

-Thank You!

-Search and State