Aug 23, 2019

MARKAGRAM 2019 - Prepare for Darkness

Markagram Thumb

This October in Norway the 3rd running of quite possibly the Darkest cycling event on the planet will commence. Our friends in Oslo run the Markagram each year, and this time around Search and State is proud to be the title sponsor. The details are ominous at best: You ride self-supported on an adventurous gravel course that is marked out in the shape of a pentagram. 250km to cover and 5500meters of climbing to do. (That's over 155 miles and like over 18k feet for those trying to do the conversion) and you have a 13 hour time limit to finish. Oh, and you ride from Sunset to Sunrise. Not vice-versa. If you can handle all of that we suggest you book a flight now. It is not to be missed. This is definitely our kind of event and we will be there in person to support and document the spectacle as it unfolds. You can click on the link for more details here: