Nov 18, 2019

Search Brigade 2020 - "Down and Dirty"

Down and Dirty 2

It's official: The Search Brigade goes cross-county again in 2020. We've gone high. We've gone through the middle a few times. This time we get "Down and Dirty." We're taking the low road across the deep South of the United States. We're already cutting up the backroads of America and mapping out some of the small towns we will see. Our tentative departure date is May 3rd. But stay tuned for official dates. We are looking to depart from St. Augustine, Florida (the oldest city in the US) and will head to Point Loma, California. We'll pass across the panhandle of Florida into Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, down along the border of Mexico in Texas, into New Mexico, Arizona, and finally into Southern California. We'll be planning for the next few months, but if you are ready to join the Brigade and ride across the country with us...we suggest you start dreaming now. The trip usually takes us about 4 weeks to cover the 3,000 or so miles. We might get across a bit quicker this year as we should be doing a bit less climbing than previous editions. But there are no guarantees! For more information on the Brigade we suggest scrolling back through our stories and reading the many Brigade entries we have posted over the years or email us at This is an adventure of epic proportions and the memories will last a lifetime. We hope you can join us in 2020. Thanks! -Search and State