Sep 06, 2019

Yes...We would like to be Friends! -Michael DeMarco

We received the below letter a little while back. We still read it all the time. It's the kind of stuff that keeps us going and reminds us why we started this thing in the first place. Words by Michael DeMarco.

"I know you’re Really cool...but want to be Friends!?"

That was the subject line of the first email I ever sent to Search and State back in the Spring of 2017.

I shared with you my story of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, losing over 100lbs, and how cycling was and still is a major part of that change. In the first email I sent to you, I made a big ask. I asked for you to support me, in what would be one of the craziest endeavors I ever took on. I asked Search and State to supply with me with kit support, as I would set out to train for my first ever century ride. That century was not only to prove something to myself, but it had a larger purpose. The purpose of my first century ride would be to raise money for the very disease that was coursing through my body. It would also be the first time where I would interact with the larger MS community, since my diagnosis. The Bike MS City to Shore ride was my first public declaration, that I was done hiding, and with each pedal stroke I was ready to fight. It would be that century that would give me the courage to step out, to take on challenges that would scare me, and even cause me to second guess myself. But it would also be that century that would show me that with or without MS I could still dream big. It was that century that showed me there was so much more out there. More roads, more miles, more falls, more challenges, and most importantly, more life to be lived.

With your support, you have been with me every mile, every victory, and every set back. You are with me every time I ride. Every time I see the Search and State logo on my left arm, I am reminded of the company who took a shot on me, who believed in me, and who gave me the to courage to get out there and live.

Since our first correspondence, I’ve completed three centuries, all in the very kit you gave me on. Now, I am signed up for my fourth century, this September, to again raise money, and awareness about MS.

I love that you are starting this initiative to share stories. And as I train to prepare for my next century, I would love nothing more than to share my stories from the road with you, and the community you are cultivating.

All the Best,

Michael DeMarco