Kaiko Shimura

Kaiko is a Tokyo-based artist, and NY-bar licensed virtual attorney and paralegal who makes collage postcards and the occasional portrait out of food in her free time. She fell in love with cycling while in law school in Boston and developed an appreciation for cycling history and culture in New York City. Through her collages, many of which are sent to friends around the world who she connected with through cycling, she uses found images and tries to present a fresh take on themes that often follow the same or similar (sub)cultural narrative. Kaiko adds that "Each collage postcard is handmade and is never digitally altered; because, as cycling has taught me, there is value to doing things the more painstaking way and having only one shot to get it right." Kaiko has an active blog dating back to 2008 at http://www.pedal-strike.com.

We have printed a limited number of her custom made card for this project and they will be included in select packages we send out from New York City this year. Big thank you to Kaiko for sharing her art with us and allowing us to share it with you.

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